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The Perils of Misinformation: Why We Need Lasting Change

  1. Diffusion of false information, leading the world to dissimilation

According to scientific research, false news reaches more people than the truth. The top 1% of false news cascades diffused to between 1000 and 100,000 people. Jasny, Barbara R. "Lies Spread Faster than the Truth." Science, 2018, Based on fact-checking organization exhibition, 95 to 98% agreement on the classification of falsehood diffused significantly further, faster, deeper, and more broadly than the truth in all categories. The danger of false information is even more difficult due to the characteristics of that information, and the effects were more pronounced for false political news than for false news about terrorism, natural disasters, science, urban legends, or financial data. Some dangerous information disseminated worldwide by highly profiled people, such as government leaders, political activists, and social media influencers, is leading the world to an unnecessary war, drought, and secularism.

The war in Ukraine could have been avoidable, as we can notice from the USA visit of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy; his leadership skill is questionable. The weakness of one country's leader could be a historical change in the country, even in the world. When the reporter asks about his message to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the Russian president, his response could convince the world, but Where he made his critical inelegancy of managing the war and could also explain how he fills Russia failed to take the peace movement to avoid a fight.

Instead, he was worried about fiction books and how he couldn't concentrate on his personal life, where millions were dying due to his order and decision to go to war that he knew he couldn't win. He has been trying to disseminate false claims about the Russian force's actions and his military power where he feels he could get the NATTO's support to win the war. But the involvement of NATTO in this war will not simply be considered a third world war. There is no need for a global war in this civilization and modern time. The war shouldn't believed to bring equity and balance to the worldwide level. Global leaders should prevent backwardness by spreading education and providing justice and peace. Today, social media brings undesired change to the globe, Where information is disseminated at the individual level globally and reviewed by every individual. The information used to be filtered to fit the source's message and in favor of the countries.

Nevertheless, now the news comes to the globe without makeup and edition to be justified by the global population. For example, the World Cup has been advertising Western benefits for centuries. When geography was unfavored for the 2022 game, Western media refused to share the supporters of soccer's meaningful opening ceremony and live matches. The press carefully edited and upgraded the information that could Only target the goal hypocrite and avoid the side coming message where powerless nations try to bring their visible problem to the media, such as the Palestinian issue. Predominated media such as FOX, BBC, CNN, and others are the channels of Hypocrisy. The message will be monitored and evaluated based on the benefits of dominant, powerful countries and Western mottos. Western, the other hand, the world has been propagated for centuries as the Middle East is a threat to the globe, Africa, and Asia as a non-changing nation. At the same time, on the other hand, all possibility of change has been limited. World affairs have been controlled and monitored by a few powerful countries without including the source of the problems. For example, all crops and processed food exported to Africa and Asia have no permit for the agricultural processes. Productive seeds and technologies are not allowed to reach those parts of the globe. Instead, charity begging for money and exchanging raw materials for a few dollars benefits are the only options it looks like third-world countries have to strive for.

Option of donation, but such action has been disliked, so the donors fill the supremacy. Cultivating wheat and other crops takes three months to get ready to be processed for food supply. However, suppose the United Nations or other national rescue organization promises to provide food and processed materials. In that case, reaching the community in need takes six months to one year. Therefore, focusing on permanent change and resolution for the globe is essential. The United Nations promised multi-billion dollars to support the war in Ukraine, not to stop the fight. Still, the USA failed to provide $15 per hour for the hard-working community and demoralized the healthcare workers by failing to pay enough to manage the citizens' standard of living. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a nurse is $37 per hour, whereas it is $58 per hour for physician assistants and resident providers. This community is the most influential people in the nation, and they saved millions of lives during the two years of the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak. It is not only that the nurse assistant who works days and nights with providers and nurses throughout the year gets paid only $11-$25 per hour at the current time. Empowering our nation is vital rather than showing our power to gain the attention of other countries when our hidden issue is not addressed correctly. The unemployment range is still on the pic of companies closing due to cost inflation and import and export goods prices. The headlines of significant newspaper companies are still valueless. They pretend to take people's attention when a

significant problem occurs around the globe by just sharing about some institutions or individuals bad or good news. That doesn't benefit anyone; it could be worthless to share and comment while ignoring global risk factors. We have been watching the news around India where extreme hatred groups of the Hindutva movement threatening genocide against Muslims undermined. At the same time, the imprisonment of Andrew Tates circulates the media as breaking news, the deadly Israeli soldier's force on Palestinian people is ignored while the gunshot of one Muslim man becomes a rich media breaking news for a week. Such falsification

and imperial sympathy could infer the justification of humanity.

2. Unreliable leave cost estimation and Greed

The ultimate solution for violence and war going on around the globe is to focus on bringing the economic gaps that are extremely variant at the global level. Corporate companies dominate the market where the individual small business suffers or will not have a satisfactory solution for

individuals who own it or are hired under that business. The living cost description varies for various people based on their income level; most poor live in hell, whereas others enjoy the same land as paradise. The supplemental government benefits limit the community based on the Family's annual income. For example, The Texas Health and Human Service stated the requirement of income guidelines for Medicaid for pregnant women as follows.

​Family size Monthly Family Income

  1. person income $2,24

  2. Two Family $3,022

  3. Three Family $3,800

  4. Four Family $4,579

  5. Five Family $5,358

Source: The Texas Health and Human Service.

However, the government announced a minimum number of government employees to be hired with a minimum wage of 15 dollars per hour. Most unlicensed employees still suffer from this, but the government is pretending to be a better paying range. Suppose the amount could calculated by weekly paycheck 15x40 = 600x4 = $2400. Based on this simple calculation, a mother of 1 child who doesn't have any other income or support has to purchase her insurance at a minimum of $175 per month to get care in the healthcare center or hospital. What about baby care, food, and housing? What would it look like to find the cheapest apartment in Texas? Let's do the unreasonable search; according to the Landing real estate website, a one-bedroom apartment is $1653/per month with a discounted range of 25% without a discount, and the cost of living just for rent is $2204 per month.

  1. Consequences of lack of equity

Therefore, crime, war, and violence start due to an unfair living environment. The battle of Palestine resistance and Isreal colonization created a gap in the safety of citizens. Government officials misrepresented the community they elected for by bias to support the zionist movement and propaganda. Media is misused to sensor the war and create war hatred among citizens. The world justified bias that was looted for centuries; social media created open communication chances for people who have been silenced due to media control. The pro of social media is the opportunity to bring forward such dedicated leaders. At the same time, social media makes it easy to disseminate false information and control working-class people from being productive with less profitable subjects such as entertainment and gaming. Let's make a change that could be historical by paying the welfare of hard-working people. The biblical guide looking to echo false information will not bring the change our globe is looking such as the "right to defend for one terrorism for another group, Hatred crime for one, mental health for another, empathy for one salivation for other are not helpful for our generation. The minimum wage should be $30 per hour for all working class. The compensation is to be increased according to the profession and level of experience. The resolution does happen overnight. It takes everyone's motivation and action to change the world, but let's start with our country's issue before we act on others. The main goal of this article is to raise awareness about the dangers of false information and the need for permanent change.


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