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3 influential ads in violence prevention

Updated: Sep 1

One of the growing concerns of public health issues is gun violence, according to nationwide children's research; Every year, nearly 1,300 children die from guns, and many more are seriously injured. The American Academy of Pediatrics believes the best way to prevent gun-related injuries to children is to remove guns from home. This Thirty-second video teaches us by comparing guns with unsecured tigers.

The video targets family and children as the gun consequence will not be apparent to children; the family should be responsible for securing the device before the danger happens. This ad is all age apocopate as the sound could alert us what the scary thing behind the locked door is but not visible. The last message clearly stated the target of information delivered, along with a fun conversation. The time is also adequate for anyone, especially the younger generation; we're focusing on scrolling up the screen of the video to watch more short fun videos to drop this message on Instagram, and another platform could be beneficial.

Retrieved from; Ferocious Tiger :30 | Gun Violence Prevention

The second video has an important message on how violence could happen and the aggravating factor of violence. Such lectures should be taught in community schools and other community gathering areas. Germy, in this video, advises us all not to feel okay by standing violent or letting our waves of anger change to violence. Most people love to watch cartoons regardless of age and educational level. So utilizing such creative content to deliver a message is very important. Some of the changes I would recommend is to add more animation rather than lecturing, as people with visual learning skills could also benefit from those kinds of content. On the other hand, people with hearing problems also could benefit if the cartoon was supported with the action of animations and provided with more help of information, such as local violence prevention hotline phone numbers or emergency contact numbers listed on the contains.

Stop the Violence Campaign - Cartoon Network for Safe Neighborhoods - Educational Video for Children Retrieved from

This Billboard is designed to increase awareness of violence prevention; however, even if the message is intended to be visible around the highway, the message is not clear and invisible. The target audience is the younger generation, especially school-age children, who are vulnerable to bullying and gender-based violence. I recommend that such Billboards be more transparent in the message and limited in containing that anyone could read it with a glance view without causing confusion and taking time to understand. It is essential to use Billboard, major transportation areas, and community gathering places such as studios, schools, and many more.

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