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Making Your New Year Resolutions Stick in 2024: Lessons Learned from Reflecting on 2023

Happy 2024 for all of Us

The year of 2023 passed with good and bad as most of other years do but what different in this years is the globalization and social media influence changed our mindset with drastic future. Most of us noticed people more engaged with their cellphone and electronics and everyone looks busy and disconnected form friends and family even from the environment where road accident increased and out door activities decreased.

The increasing social media platform and the development of artificial interagency create big gap from the traditional life styles, even most of prominent medias has been affected by such platform were people engaged to new idea quickly and adapting the change become simple. However, it is obvious that most of the reason of such change remain on the action of AI which able to manipulate peoples mind based their intention and impression.

Happy New year for all of but I leave you with one thing if you are not ready for the rapid changing world you will be modern slave of system. accustom yourself with most of things that benefits rather than kills your time.

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